Snow Xue XIA

Snow Xue XIA joined the South China Morning Post (SCMP) in 2019. Prior to this, she produced documentary videos for Boston Channel 5 (Hearst Television) in the United States. She graduated with a Master’s in journalism from Boston University and a Bachelor's in finance from Kean University. With well-round skills of in-depth research, multimedia reporting (broadcast video, documentary, photography, data visualization, podcast), and especially, natural, articulate on-camera delivery in both English and Chinese. Xia strives to cover international stories and bridge the gap of misunderstanding between different cultures.

Latest Writing for the South China Morning Post

Writing: News & Features 2017-2018



小崔手机事件引发的思考:文艺创作 vs. 诽谤

如果此类案件发生在媒体法较为成熟的美国,会是什么样?中国目前的诽谤法和美国的诽谤法,在定义和判定标准上非常接近。我们今天就来谈一谈文艺创作,包括电影、文学等创作,和诽谤 (Libel) 的关系。什么情况下,文艺工作者的创作权会侵犯其他人的名誉权?希望以下法律知识能给中国网友带来一些启发和借鉴意义。

OPINION | The Absent Conversation about Gun Violence: Grief in Black Communities

The United States is drowning in the swirl of gun debate. Whether residents are for or against gun control, they came out to speak out their voices during the March for Our Lives movement. While most focus on mass shootings in white communities, those who are most affected by gun violence are invisible to the public. For many black communities, this is a day-to-day reality they have to face in order to survive..